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ibV Energy Partners is a leader in the development and operations of integrated solar + storage power plants across the United States.

We are focused on the utility-scale segment and partner with wholesale power providers and corporate entities to address their resource planning process and long-term decarbonization goals.

Active across 18 states, we play a key role in advancing community development initiatives while shaping discussions to accelerate a national shift to a clean energy economy.

Our Partners Shape Our Approach

From communities and landowners to co-development partners, we always strive to put stakeholder interests in front of ours. In our view, the key to creating strong partnerships is transparency and honesty.

This means that we come prepared to answer the difficult questions in town halls or lay bare our pricing and costs to our power customers. Providing this level of clarity is not only indispensable to our partners, but gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves through invaluable feedback and insight.

In fact, one of the recent changes we made upon hearing from communities across the US, was to incorporate Agrivoltaics into all of our projects. Today, encouraging pollinators and livestock grazing is the basis for all of our designs.

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We are proud to be part of the ib vogt GmbH Group, one of world's most renowned solar independent power producer (IPP). With lineage that dates back to 1991, the Group began as an engineering firm but today, operates some of the largest utility-scale solar + storage projects around the world, including in Egypt, Philippines and the United Kingdom.

Based in Florida and founded by US military veterans, our Company is the Group's largest subsidiary with a singular focus on delivering clean energy within the United States. Today, our national pipeline stands at 8 GW of solar PV and storage assets across 18 states, with many more to come.

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