Creating benefits that have a generational impact.

Community Focus through Hands On Development

While we now live in a virtual era, we still believe in being on the ground and meeting in-person with landowners, community stakeholders and representatives. We listen foremost and ensure that we go the extra mile to address any concerns that are prevalent in the community.

Often, we hold town halls with our senior managers to provide as much information to the community and support officials who are equally interested in bringing jobs, tax revenue and educational opportunities to the community.

This is why we also partner with select entities, such as the Center for Energy Education (CEE) and local communications firms to create more transparency in our developments, while educating the community on the benefits of solar.

Benefits to the Community

High Paying Jobs

Typically, our large-scale projects create 300-400 high paying construction jobs with prevailing wages, in addition to positively affecting the economics of the greater community, such as those found in food and beverage, catering and restaurants, lodging, transportation and other services.
We work with the community to ensure that construction workers are sourced from the county while also prioritizing veterans who want to be part of the clean energy revolution.

A Pledge to Apprentices

We believe in the power of apprenticeships. Our key management has undergone apprentice trainings themselves and our parent company, ib vogt GmbH, sponsors several apprentices per year.
We pledge that every single project we develop will hire apprentices during the construction and operations phases of the plant and that such apprentices will be sourced from the community first.

Decades of Tax Revenue

Through the sale of electricity, the project creates substantial tax revenue for the community. Revenue which can be used to purchase new equipment for police and firefighters, improve roadways, add books to the library and provide computers to students, not to mention add new full-time positions at these institutions.
Generally, because the lifecycle of each project is a minimum of 35 years, the tax benefits to the community are enjoyed for several decades… and this is just from a single project.

Schools & Scholarships

In addition to tax revenue to support schools, ibV Energy Partners typically creates a separate program, in collaboration with educational leaders, to provide scholarships to students. We believe that learning is a continuous process and that investing in students is the best way to create a sustainable community.
To this extent, we also may employ interns, in addition to apprentices, during the construction and operating period of the power plants.

Preserving the Land

We perform extensive stormwater, geotech and environmental studies to ensure the plant can operate for 35+ years. The result is often a constructed land that has a superior stormwater protection plan, improved roadways and access roads and aesthetic setbacks that enhance the beauty of the property.
And what about the impact of solar projects on property value? Our systems are sited in rural communities and there are many independent reports from appraisers and academic studies to support the finding that rural-based solar PV systems do not negatively affect land value and in some cases, actually have increased value.

How We Work with the County

County planning offices are inundated with development applications. Our position is to come fully prepared, answer all questions promptly and help guide the conversation in the community by sponsoring as many town halls as required.

We know that the success of a project rests on excellent communications, transparency and timely deliverable of materials to county representatives. And, we assure all stakeholders that our entire staff understands this. In addition to standard deliverables and periodic project briefings, we arrange for town halls, field trips and educational sessions to exhibit our commitment to the community.

We practice 'best-in-class' development, following the rules first and foremost issued by the County, but also going a step farther by ascribing to federal and industry guidelines. We believe this approach creates more transparency while sharpening our knowledge.