Career Opportunities
Be Part of Something Big at ibV Energy Partners

Excellent Comp

Our comp packages begin with a competitive pay structure and room to advance with a first-rate team.

Fully Remote

We won't make you fight traffic and come to the office. We excel in a remote environment and will keep it that way.

Generous Benefits

Health and generous paid-time-off for starters. Want to pursue a professional certification? We'll take care of it.

Monitor Your Gains

Our unique 'portfolio team' structure allows for positional growth; likewise, we have no issues with you doing what you do best.

High Caliber Team

An opportunity to work with and learn from global industry veterans who have accomplished some amazing 'firsts'.

Individual Training

Carve your own niche. You choose what you want to be an expert in and we'll provide you the resources. It's a win-win all around.

We are an ambitious group of individuals bound by a common goal of putting our mark on this world; each one of us has a unique story of how we got here and what we want to accomplish.

You’ll be working in a passionate, fun and collaborative environment, where calculated thinking and a positive mental attitude is key.

This is why ‘fit’ is critically important to us. Beyond immediate skill sets or past achievements, we look for candidates that are self-motivated and highly curious. Our culture is strongly entrepreneurial and we empower each of our staff members to make decisions and set the highest goals for themselves.

We are lean by design and seek candidates with a strong work ethic, excellent team skills and a passion to change the world for the better.

From the moment an opportunity is conceived to the time a project begins operations, we are focused on the 'when' instead of the 'what if'. Do you desire to make your mark on this world? Do you embrace working in a fluid environment? Do you have a strong desire for a sense of accomplishment? If so... we hope to hear from you.

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