Optimizing reliability through cutting edge designs.

Decarbonization Driven

Projects tailored to help our power customers achieve decarbonization goals

Repeat Clients

Our portfolio is crafted to implement multi-year procurements throughout major ISOs and bilateral markets

Analytically Selective

We conduct extensive technical and market due diligence before launching any new development initiatives

Continuous Innovation

Innovators at heart, we research, test and integrate the most cutting edge technology to drive down solar LCOE

Select Solar & Storage Projects

Boulder Flats I & II

Boulder City, Nevada

Solar + Storage

The Boulder Flats projects are a combined 225 MWp solar PV paired with a 50 MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), lithium-based. Both projects are located on the same parcel of land leased from the City of Boulder City, NV.

The power purchase agreements have been executed with the Southern Nevada Water Agency (SNWA), the state’s water agency and a private offtaker. SNWA will use the clean energy to add power to a pumping station expansion plan while the power from the stand-alone energy storage systems will service four local public and private entities through a structured tolling agreement.

This is a critical asset project which will utilize cutting edge technology to take advantage of the high solar irradiation in the region. The projects are on schedule to begin construction in late 2023.

Bayou Teche

St. Mary Parish, Louisiana

Solar PV

Bayou Teche Solar is a 110 MWp project located in St. Mary Parish, LA. ibV Energy is the largest developer of solar PV projects in the state of Louisiana with this project being the Company’s first in the state.

The project is fully contracted with 1803 Electric Cooperative, an aggregated group of independent rural electric cooperatives, serving the farming and rural communities of the state. The project is located on private land and is scheduled to begin construction in late 2024 and with it, more than 200 construction jobs to the parish.

Rhudes Creek

Hardin County, Kentucky

Solar PV

Rhudes Creek Solar signed the first clean energy PPA in Kentucky’s state history. The project is 120 MWp in size and part of a club agreement with Louisville Gas and Electric, Kentucky Utilities (LG&E and KU), Toyota Motors and DowCorning. Upon operations, the plant will support the power needs of all stakeholders, including Hardin County - an LG&E and KU service territory.

Located on private land in Hardin County, the project signals a major step for co-investments in new manufacturing and clean energy both in the county and the state. The project is estimated to support close more than 250 construction jobs and provide significant tax benefits to schools, library and other civic institutions in the area. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2024 utilizing USA manufactured panels and substructure equipment.

Michiana I & II

St. Joseph County, Indiana

Solar + Storage

Michiana Hybrid Solar I & II is a new development initiative for the Company, having seeded both projects in the Spring of 2022. Combined, the project systems size is 360 MWp of solar PV paired with a 50 MW BESS. Located in St. Joseph County, IN, the project is sited on private land and is currently uncontracted.

The project is in the PJM queue and we anticipate construction start in 2025 with a large appetite for procurement by corporate entities. Projects like Michiana Hybrid I & II represent the Company’s ‘next generation’ of projects which may take advantage of heterojunction (HJT) or TOPConn solar cells and new battery chemistries.

Currently, it is anticipated that the 50 MW energy storage system will be standalone, although design iterations fully support a fully integrated system.

Bayou Chicot

Evangeline Parish, Louisiana

Solar PV

Bayou Chicot Solar is a 240 MWp project located in Evangeline Parish, LA. Sited on private land, the project is also contracted with 1803 Electric Cooperative and with Bayou Teche Solar, will form a major part of the cooperative’s push to procure clean energy.

A minority portion of this project will provide spot power to the MISO market, taking advantage of the day-ahead market in the network. The project is scheduled to begin construction in late 2024 in parallel with Bayou Teche Solar, and will utilize the latest module and tracking system in the market. We anticipate more than 300 construction jobs to build the power plant, with significant labor being sourced from the region.

Maple Grove

Barron County, Wisconsin

Solar + Storage

Maple Grove Solar is a 180 MWp solar PV project with a co-located 50 MW energy storage system (Maple Grove II). The system is the first of its kind for our Company in Wisconsin. The state is part of MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator), the world’s largest power market at the time of this writing. We are especially proud of this project as it will help replace electricity generation from an ageing fossil fuel plant.

The project has been queued and we anticipate construction to begin between 2025-2026. In the meantime, active development has begun as well as discussions with local jurisdictional agencies. The project is sited on land owned by private parties and we anticipate using 1P single-axis trackers that utilize panels and other major equipment made in the US.


Medina County, Texas

Solar PV

Clarion Solar is a 215 MWp solar PV project located in Medina County, TX. The project is one of the Company’s first in the ERCOT market, although we’ve been active in Texas solar development since 2018. Key members of our team actually began their energy careers in Texas, so we feel that this particular development is about coming back full circle.

Its close proximity to the City of San Antonio makes it a strong candidate for contracting to either a nearby utility, corporate entity or retail electric provider. We anticipate construction to begin between 2025-2026, utilizing advanced 2P single-axis trackers in addition to high-watt bifacial solar panels made in the USA.

In addition to the solar PV system, we anticipate a 'bolt-on' energy storage system of approximately 75 MW in size, being added during the plant's development cycle.

Cattle Trail

Santa Fe County, New Mexico

Solar + Storage

Cattle Trail Solar is a planned 300 MWp solar PV project with a 100 MW BESS located just outside of the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The project is sited on private land and will take advantage of a high-voltage transmission line sitting within the project’s boundaries to transmit electricity to the local utility.

The battery storage system will make the most of a strong capacity factor from the co-located solar system, owing to the abundance of solar irradiation in the area. Project construction is anticipated between 2025-2026 with more than 350 construction jobs over a 15 month period. The vast majority of construction and engineering works will be sourced from the state of New Mexico with significant tax benefits accruing to the county.

This project represents another of our 'next gen' projects, utilizing cutting edge USA manufactured bifacial solar panels with 2P smart tracking technology.

Square Butte II

Santa Fe County, New Mexico

Stand Alone Storage

Square Butte II is a 50 MW stand alone Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The project is located in Mercer County, ND and shares the same private lease land that houses the Square Butte Solar project.

While most of the Company's storage projects are integrated with solar PV systems, Square Butte II is one of a half dozen projects that will be grid charged. We believe the market fundamentals in this region are optimal for a grid charged system and expect the development of further stand alone systems in the region.

The project is queued and we anticipate construction to begin between 2026-2027, approximately one year after Square Butte Solar commences operations.

Select Customers

Technology & Data

Our Company routinely partners with technology firms and data centers across the US for their shifting power needs. Approximately 25% of our energy storage portfolio is dedicated to cloud based companies across 6 markets, including in all of our major ISOs.
In the next ten years, we foresee that about half of the nation’s energy storage demand will come from large technology companies. Our power customers are both national and local and require robust systems to support heavy expansion plans in a 24/7 operational environment.


In addition to technology and data centers, we are partnering with manufacturers to deliver integrated power systems for their operations. Our storage agreements are typically based on tolling structures and include both co-located and stand-alone storage.
Driven by federal legislation that brings manufacturing and jobs back to the US, our team is actively supporting the planning activities of new manufacturing centers. Driving down the cost of energy – the single costliest variable – will allow our partners to be more competitive, globally.

Municipal Power

Resiliency and backup power demands are paramount to municipal power authorities. We are currently working with a number of such offices across the US, mostly in the southeast and southwest where severe weather events have occurred.
Generally, MPAs seek our energy storage projects for backup power and to limit legacy system losses. However, storage use cases do vary with other municipalities seeking peak shaving, due to increasing wholesale power prices from their bulk power providers.


Utilities represent the largest customer segment of our ESS portfolio. The majority of our co-located and stand alone systems are designed for power shifting/peak shaving, however electric cooperatives have targeted backup power and resiliency, much like our municipal power partners.
Our storage contracts are designed to be flexible and ‘on-demand’ to the customer. We offer both tolling and bundled arrangements with a ‘non-degradation’ option with full operational control to utilities. Consequently, all of our systems are designed with safety in mind, both during the construction and operation phases.

Integrated and Grid Charged Systems

Our power partners include commercial and industrial companies seeking to lower capacity costs, and utilities integrating renewables into their resource mix.

We collaborate with Tier-1 battery and energy storage management (EMS) providers, allowing us to deliver the safest systems on the market. We provide flexible contractual arrangements (tolling and bundled) and design our systems to meet the exact use case of our power partners.

Deploying 1.6 GW+

Our current portfolio includes more than 1.6 GW of battery storage projects across the utility-scale and DG space.

Use Case Specific

We optimize commercial value by identifying and reconciling specific use cases against our market pricing models.

Flexible Designs

We design both co-located and stand alone storage projects to address the needs of our diverse power customers.

Bolt-on Capability

With a multi-GW pipeline across major ISOs, we are often able to add storage as a ‘bolt-on’ to our solar PV systems.

Approach to Energy Storage



We perform unbiased research on LMP, IRP and market fundamentals prior to meeting our power customers. Our assessment phase is intended to be self-informative and principally, to frame the issue.

Data Analysis

We utilize both internal and proprietary software to optimize analyses. This is done in conjunction with open source information and meetings with our power customers, in order to identify appropriate storage use cases.

Simulations & Modeling

Further in close collaboration with our power customers, we perform simulations and modeling of either the integrated or stand alone storage system. Our simulations test various battery chemistries, duration and capacity demands.

Optimization Programming

We are typically able to identify and model the optimal use case in a short period. Further optimization analysis occurs at the EPC level, including proper selection of the storage system with the energy management system.

Design Engineering

First and foremost, our designs are approached with safety in mind, both in the construction and operation phases. We adhere to the strictest standards and comply to municipal fire codes. We only procure from Tier-1 vendors with a long track record in safety and operations.