Advancing development through unified analysis.

Strong Emphasis on Applied Analytics

We place a strong emphasis on applied analytics to originate, structure and optimize our development initiatives. It’s critically important to our portfolio selection process and we believe it’s a primary factor in enhancing transparency and trust with our partners.
Our Power Marketing & Analytics team is fully integrated with our engineering, project development and corporate finance divisions, driving value through:

Grid Integration

Similar to our technical works, we perform grid planning and transmission analysis in-house using both proprietary and industrial level software. Our objective is to mitigate basis and congestion risk to increase interconnection certainty within the development cycle, while keeping each project on schedule.

Predictive Analysis

We employ historical, simulative and stochastic modeling tools. Methods that we use to forecast capacity, LMP and basis risk, as well as to understand policy impacts on specific regions. Our markets team is composed of senior utilities specialists, energy traders and economists and data engineers.

Industries Focused

We cover select core industries which are active in the procurement of clean energy. Our coverage specialists use a proprietary database to understand shifting needs of industry verticals and develop structured products that meet the power and decarbonization goals of our energy partners.

Economics Modeling

Our economics team models pricing, undertakes macro research and serves as an advisor for the group. Core personnel are composed of financing and energy research specialists who use a mix of proprietary and industry level software to identify risks and find solutions for each of our projects.

Integrated Data Analytics to Strengthen Partnerships

The aim of our analytics efforts is to provide the highest level of transparency to our development and power partners.

Transparency that is backed by data and forms the basis of strong collaboration across the development and operating lifecycle of each project. We employ talented resources and proprietary tools to forecast load, uncover grid opportunities and identify pricing patterns. Employing a unified analysis for each of our projects is the basis of our development initiatives.

The end result is that our efforts increase the probability of a project's success and equally important, strengthens trust and confidence amongst our stakeholders.

Software to De-Risk Development

Our team is experienced with the most widely accepted power analytics tools. We use these platforms to uncover critical path risks early in the project development cycle.

As the US power grid continues to transition non-cohesively towards clean energy generation, it becomes increasingly critical to understand and predict risks and opportunities at a localized level.

Our power markets team leverages historical regressions and predictive analytics to hone-in on markets and development opportunities, de-risk interconnection procedures and optimize projects to provide competitive advantages in a crowded field. This helps us better manage risks for our partners and create value throughout our project development cycle.

Ask Us About Our View of the Market

Over the next decade, the solar energy industry - and energy markets across the United States - will undergo significant changes. The rapid deployment of clean energy generators will be a major driver of this change.

To better understand these changes, we are routinely asked by Utilities and Corporates to provide analysis specific to their region of interest. We are happy to share our ‘view of the market’ from a transmission, pricing and markets development perspective and encourage interested parties to reach out.

Power Pricing

Energy and capacity pricing at various durations, including price identification of both solar PV and storage systems.

LCOE Optimization

Impacts analysis to target specific solar and battery LCOE; identification of main drivers to optimize size and price.

Transmission Analysis

Injection capacity analysis of various point-of-interconnections (POI), utilizing internal and market-based software.

Storage Modeling

Use case analysis of specific requirements; operational and price modeling of standalone and integrated systems.