Addressing energy supply and decarbonization goals.


A balanced portfolio across the United States.

Our current contracted portfolio is balanced across Corporates, Utilities & Coops, Power Agencies and Municipal partners. We provide energy, capacity and renewable credits via virtual and traditional power purchase agreements (PPA) with terms that are highly competitive and flexible to the buyer.

With in-queue developments across SPP, MISO, ERCOT, PJM and a number of bilateral markets, chances are that we are able to work with you to customize an offtake solution that fits your needs.


  • We believe that corporate procurement of clean energy will outpace project supply for the foreseeable future.
  • Approximately 1/3 of our contracted portfolio has been executed with corporate partners and we see this increasing to 50% within the next two years.
  • Our projects are well suited for Corporates due to their advanced state and proximity to liquid trading hubs.
  • Apart from direct vPPA structures, we also partner with Utilities to provide procurement opportunities to Corporates through a ‘sleeve’ structure

Utilities & Cooperatives

  • In addition to ‘sleeve’ opportunities with Corporates, we work with Utilities and rural electric cooperatives to replace load and/or to expand to new load centers.
  • Our projects are typically close to load and always queued in order to pre-advance a commercial operations date that is in-line with a Utilities IRP or a Coop’s planning process.

Power Agencies

  • Our current portfolio has executed over 300 MW of PPAs with power agencies across the US
  • We work with power and water agencies to offset the cost of electricity, meet state decarbonization goals, as well as power up critical infrastructure such as pumping stations, as our Boulder Flats Solar projects are doing for Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA)
  • We are also growing our presence in areas where power agencies aggregate to a single contract, creating shared supply from more efficient large-scale solar + storage projects like ours.


  • Some of the first solar projects our key management developed and built were with municipal utility systems.
  • Today, we are partnered with two entities that provide exclusive power to their municipalities and are able to offer clean and customized power solutions to meet their needs
  • Siting projects close to load centers are paramount for our development strategy and believe our portfolio is well suited to municipalities that require both solar + storage solutions for their residents.

We’re excited about our next gen solar + storage projects

Our R&D team constantly tests new configurations with the goal of increasing reliability while decreasing the cost of solar and storage LCOE. The next ten years will see significant boosts in solar cell efficiencies and we are ensuring our projects take advantage of this now.

Design features we are already implementing include high efficiency 2P trackers with smart track software integrated to work with higher wattage bifacial panels. Simultaneously, our team is testing new battery chemistries and their respective energy management systems (EMS) to increase duration and further optimize our integrated solar + storage systems.

Combined with planned implementation of heterojunction (HJT) and TOPCon panels, the result is not only a lower solar + storage LCOE which we pass onto our power customers, but more customizable solutions to integrate with complex load requirements and decarbonization goals.