Project Acquisitions

Enabling growth through funding opportunities.

We Might Be the Perfect Partner for You

As a leader in solar + storage development that's active across 18 US states, chances are high that you may have a project in a region close to us.

Our team is highly experienced and motivated to create lasting partnerships. We have a full in-house suite of engineering, analytics and financing resources to assess projects in a complete and responsive manner, so you can have the utmost confidence in our ability to transact.

We seek to partner with development teams seeking co-development, financing or project sales opportunities. Please see below about our basic requirements.

Our Basic Requirements


US Location

We seek projects located in the continental United States, while we belong to a global group, ibV Energy is based in and solely focused on the United States

Solar & Storage

We are exclusively focused on utility-scale solar + storage systems - standalone or integrated. Projects do not need to be contracted and we are agnostic to battery chemistries

System Size

Our individual project sweetspot is between 50-300 MW, however we'd love to hear from you should you have an interesting opportunity outside of this range

Site Control

We can assess your site on a confidential and non-compete basis, including undertaking topographical and environmental analysis; we do prefer for the site to be controlled


Our preference is for the project to be in the queue but it does not need to have passed a certain study point; we have an in-house team of grid experts to provide quick feedback

A Fun Team!

Perhaps THE most important, we love collaborating with equally passionate people that bring their own unique perspective and knowledge to the trade

Transaction Timeline

We understand that speed is of the essence when it comes to finding a suitable partner. We typically transact within 60-days and sometime even less, depending upon the maturity of the project.

Regardless, we promise to listen first and act promptly on a timeline that works for you.

1-3 Days
Introduction of teams and kickoff of project review process
4-10 Days
Engineering and permitting review, design and mockup
11-15 Days
Transmission systems and financial analysis of the project
16-18 Days
Clarification of outstanding items with seller
19-21 Days
Offer term sheet created
22-30 Days
Term sheet execution
31-60 Days
Execution of definitive agreements