Leading energy transition through social responsibility.

Our portfolio is intentionally crafted with helping our power customers achieve their decarbonization goals.

We believe that decarbonization targeting and its resultant value creation is the single most important driver for clean energy procurement, globally.

Credit ratings, balance sheet financings and new capital investments are increasingly exposed to how an organization crafts and meets its own decarbonization goals. This is critically true for public companies, the majority of which are subject to key reporting requirements.

In 2018, ibV Energy shifted its portfolio strategy to fully embrace the decarbonization goals of our power customers across wholesale and bilateral markets.

Since then, we have contracted through sleeved and direct structures, helping our customers not only meet their decarbonization targets, but to also reduce energy costs via bulk power purchases and associated renewable energy credits (RECs).

Our Commitment to the Environment

Decarbonizing the economy and achieving net zero is one of the most pressing and complex global challenges that we face today.

The impact of not taking action is too great, which is why ibV Energy Partners is committed to collaborating with industries and companies whose businesses are on the opposite side of ours. We have begun, and will continue to have earnest discussions with fossil fuel companies that are committed to reducing their Scope II emissions.

In addition to our work with fossil fuel companies, we routinely collaborate with technology, data center and manufacturing companies seeking power contracts across the US. Often times, we are led by our power partners into new markets where they are launching new initiatives and desire to incorporate our systems into their long term planning process.

We do not shy away from collaborating with companies dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, our policy is to proactively assist companies to meet their decarbonization goals, even if – and perhaps especially – those companies that are operating in the Oil & Gas and other fossil fuel spaces.

Manoj Reddy, VPHead of Power Marketing & Analytics

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